What is Included:

What is NOT Included:

Working drawings offer complete conceptual designs of our homes. However, our working drawings do not include the following, due to variations in climate, building codes and permits required across the country. We also find certain details need to be discussed between the homeowner, builder, subcontractors and supplier in order to create the custom home you desire within your budget range. These are:

Architectural and Engineering Seals – Some cities and states require a state-licensed architect or structural engineer to review and stamp, or officially approve, Construction Drawings/Documents. Contact your local building official to find out if such a review is required. If so, contact an architect or structural engineer in your area for such requirements. This could accrue additional cost at the expense of the homeowner.

Building Codes and Requirements – Our plans are designed to meet national building standards from the year in which they were drawn, due to varying interpretations and changes in local code requirements, we cannot warrant compliance with any specific building codes and ordinances. Our plans are intended to indicate design intent and basic construction detailing.

Your local builder or an engineer should review the plan you choose and ensure that it complies with all applicable building codes, local conditions and building site. We are not responsible for any revisions or interpretations made by third parties involved in the construction of your home.



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